Recovery isn’t clean

When you’re in treatment for an eating disorder you are surrounded by amazing therapists, dietitians, patients and staff that are constantly promoting the true values of recovery. “No food is bad food. Food is fuel. You need every single food group to function properly. You need to eat food in order to function as a human being.” And my personal favorite, “eat or die.” But since I left the safe space of treatment only a few weeks ago I have come to realize that the greater world does not have the same understanding of what eating in eating disorder recovery actually looks like.

Recovery is not “eating clean,” or “eating healthy.” Recovery is eating for survival and for life. Recovery is eating because food is not your oppressor, food is not bad for you, food does not cause or solve your problems. Recovery is eating anything and everything because avoiding any food is a symptom that something could be wrong. Recovery is trying new things and letting your true self form an opinion, because there is no room for your eating disorder in any decisions about your food.

Recovery is eating food.

Recovery is finding yourself.

Recovery is finding a life outside of food obsession, stress and thoughts.

A society full of diet culture has tried to teach us that dieting and food avoidance is normal…it’s not. This mindset is making us sick and miserable and needs to be eradicated.

Food is food is food.

Food is good.

You need all food.

Eating clean is not recovery.

Recovery is eating for the life you lost to your disorder.


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